What We Do

"We create music that will appeal to the youngest among you, with a musical history to impress the purist." - Lucas

"Our goal as musicians is to bring variety and imagination to the masses while bringing good old fashioned entertainment to the table." - Jed

Jed Bartausky


Jed Bartausky was born in 1990 as a native of Vancouver, Washington and has played the violin since the age of five and a half. He was classically trained using the Suzuki method for the majority of his training. Early on in his violin career, Jed started to study under Angela Svendsen, an instructor and free-lance violinist in the Vancouver area. “She was by far one of the most influential violinists and person in my life, her overwhelming passion for music and life was impossible to miss and also one of the greatest gifts she left me with. She taught me to look for the little things in life and enjoy them and to have my music reflect that”. Angela was killed, along with friend and colleague Kjerstin Oquist, on February 11, 2007 when the car she was riding home from a Eugene Symphony rehearsal was hit by an oncoming vehicle. Her loss, although devastating, brought Jed closer to his music and gave him a new passion for playing. He studied under Ron Blessinger for another year and a half. Then decided it was time to jump out on his own and explore the world of music while at the same time perusing a degree in Mechanical engineering.

Jed played with multiple orchestras in the Vancouver/Portland area while going to school at Clark College. He has also played as a musician at Cinetopia theaters, and also has experience as a studio, church, and wedding musician.

Jed currently enjoys working full time as a mechanical engineering technician at nLight Photonics during the week while also working with his friend Lucas on their musical latest project

Lucas Holmgren


"I was born in Clatskanie, Oregon in 1990. I became interested in playing music after moving to Battle Ground, WA. When I was 12 I started learning guitar and quickly started writing songs and performing. Genre's are hard to pin down as far as what I play but there are elements of classical, jazz, progressive rock, country, and everywhere in between."

"I have seen music as a blessing, and not only an outlet, but a very enjoyable endeavour. It pushes you to create, to learn, and to innovate. If I do any of those three things on a consistant basis, that is music."

"The Jed & Lucas project has been very exciting for both us due to the overwhelming response from listeners, and the unrestricted musical sense we can pursue."